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At Clovis Westside Storage, we’re not just in the business of self storage – we’re in the business of safekeeping. No matter what your storage situation is, you can breathe a little easier knowing your valuables are being stored in a secure location. We are proud to offer several security features:

key pad, pin access, controlled access
bezel lock, secure storage
surveillance monitoring, security camera

* 24/7 Video Surveillance- 

* Controlled Access-    

Our cameras are constantly monitoring your storage unit, giving you peace of mind – at all times.

We offer gated access to the storage lot that can only be opened with unique pass codes so you don’t have to stress about the wrong people gaining access to your stuff.

Personalized Pass Codes-

A personalized pass code is like double-duty security for your storage unit. Just like a PIN number on your credit card, we offer a personalized number that only you know, ensuring that only tenants can open that gate.

* Lighted Lot-

We have a lighted lot for your safety and convenience. If you need to access your unit at night, you will not be left in the dark.

* Bezel Locks- 

We provide each customer with a Chateau Bezel lock and key set. Bezel locks provide maximum security. They are rust free, anti-pick, and anti-cut. 

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